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Who are we?

Employal hasn’t just magically appeared, our practices have been in place in the recruitment space for a long time. Our founder, Jen Keane, has worked in the industry for over 15 years having worked up the ranks from an apprentice to Director. As a result, we have experienced recruiting through all the highs and lows that life can throw at you. 

But, why were we created now? Well, we grew tired of seeing the enchantments some recruiters use. We wanted a new stage to be able to deliver a recruitment service that doesn’t pull random rabbits out of a hat. But shows the hard work that goes into a solution that puts the focus back on people. Not numbers, targets and goals, which seems to be the default approach in modern recruitment, but real people. All of which have their own dreams and wishes. 

And so, from this, Employal was created. Not out of a witch’s bubbling cauldron, but from the hard work of exceptional commercial recruiters who want to demystify the tricks some agencies employ. Instead, showing how the best commercial recruitment agency should conduct itself.

Our Values

With these values, we help make people's wishes come true. As this doesn’t happen by magic.



As a commercial recruitment agency, it’s about doing what’s right for the client and candidate. This means that it’s not all about what we want. As recruitment is more than just pulling a rabbit from thin air, it’s about finding the solution that fits the needs of our customers. On top of this, it’s about being honest about the situation and taking accountability for your actions.

Meet The Team

Let Us Find Your Dream Job.

You need to work with a recruitment consultant who knows what they’re doing. So, let's talk a little bit about ourselves. 

Whilst our team can recruit for any role in any commercial sector. We prefer to take a more focused approach. So, each of our recruiters has a specialism. This focus point is driven by their passions and interests. Why? Well, if you’re not passionate about what you do, you won’t go the extra mile. You won’t want to learn about the challenges, trends and opportunities in that industry. 

In fact, being a specialist commercial recruiter is integral for niche roles. Where it’s especially important to comprehend the complexities of software, techniques and procedures used in that role.

Jennifer Keane

Jennifer Keane

Maddison Gregory

Maddison Gregory

Recruitment Consultant
Georgia Andrews

Georgia Andrews

Recruitment Consultant

What Is People First Recruitment?

Putting people first is not a new concept. The philosophy has been used for hundreds of years. However, despite many of us seeing the message plastered across websites, its practice within recruitment and hiring has dwindled in modern times.

So, what does people first recruitment mean?

Many think that people first recruitment is applicable at the start of a hiring campaign. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The concept is about making people feel valued, involved and respected throughout the entire recruitment process, so that’s from pre-hire all the way through to post-hire. That’s right, even post-hire. We can achieve people first recruitment this by:

  • Having processes and tools that are user-friendly and up-to-date.
  • Making the campaign as seamless and transparent as possible.
  • Connecting with candidates and taking the time to understand them as people.

In essence, people-first recruitment is about moving past the idea that employees are numbers or a cog in the business machine. And instead, it’s about ensuring that employees are respected within a business. Which is integral to the success of modern recruitment campaigns. If you’re wondering why, you should read the benefits of this approach on our ‘Looking to Hire’ page.

Our Process

How do we put people first in recruitment?

When we work with candidates and clients alike. We like to ask what are your 3 wishes, just like a genie.  Why only 3? Because this is realistic and by having a focal point we’re able to actually meet your requirements. We won’t cast the illusion that everything is achievable, we’ll find you something that meets your most important requirements for success. If we can’t, then we will consult with you to find a solution. So, how do we recruit?

Understanding you

It doesn’t matter if you’re a candidate or client, we will take the time to understand you. Be that coming down to your site or meeting you on teams. We want to know what your dreams were when you left education, why you are passionate about what you do and what you want from your next hire.

 Go To Market

We don’t mean the kind of market where you find magic beans. We utilise the tools, technology and network we have access to and find what you’re after. The way that this works is completely unique to the individual. 

Vetting and Initial Interviews

We undertake the first interviews, as this speeds up the hiring process. This is typically done on the phone or with video interviewing tools. As part of this, we’ll make sure that everyone's requirements align. We won’t make you drink tea and read the leaves to figure this out. We’ll ask tried and tested questions that will keep discussions open. 

You'll Meet Up

Once we’ve made sure that everyone's requirements match, you’ll then move on to the next stage. In-person Interviewing! This is where our clients will become more involved with the process, and it’s an opportunity for both parties to let their personalities shine (yes, it’s important for clients to do that in interviews as well).

Chasing. Paperwork. Onboarding

Finally, when all goes well, we’ll handle chasing feedback, making an offer and supporting you during the first couple of weeks at work. This stage is one of the most important parts of our process. As good recruitment doesn’t stop once an offer is made. It stops once we know that you’re happy with the outcome and we’ve met your requirements.

Who we work with

We’re based in the East Midlands, so are in a perfect position to support commercial recruitment campaigns throughout the U.K. The companies that we work with range from small SME’s all the way through to large blue-chip organisations. One thing that we love about being a commercial recruitment agency is the variety of sectors that we’re exposed to. For example, we’ve worked with small marketing agencies to metal merchants, huge contact centres to local spas and everything in between. Getting involved with these organisations, learning their challenges and what goes on in the industry, is amazing and really helps us to continually evolve our service. Which is needed if we want to keep putting the people first in recruitment.


With Employal these candidates and employers found a recruitment service that put them first. Here’s how it went:

Jen took the time to really understand our business. She made the 4 hours round trip to meet with us, advising this was important when bringing the role / business to life for potential candidates. I was extremely impressed with the shortlist presented to me. Truthfully, I tend to dread recruitment. But Jen made it simple, booking candidates in for ease so all I did was show up on the day. I highly recommend Jen as a recruitment partner to any business.


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