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What is a commercial Recruitment agency?

A commercial recruitment agency is like a magician's assistant. We aren’t the star of the show, you as the employer are, we’re here to facilitate, support and sometimes take over the recruitment show to ensure that you find the best talent. Though, unlike a magician's assistant, we aren’t here to misdirect job seekers. We’re here to reinforce strong hiring practices and procedures to help you achieve long-term business goals.

In our case, it means that we focus on permanent or FTC (fix-term-contract) recruitment within the Finance, Sales, Marketing, Office and similar industries. We’re here to make recruitment faster without compromising on delivering a high-quality service. When you work with us, it’ll feel as though we find, select and place exceptional talent like we’re pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Though, unlike a magician, our candidates aren’t pulled from thin air. We work hard to continually build on our exposure in the market, using a mix of conventional and unconventional methods to attract, engage and retain candidates in our network.

The three types of recruitment

Regardless of the option you pick, you will still receive a dedicated service that will not compromise on quality.


Contingent Recruitment

This is your basic, everyday recruitment service. It’s typically more restrictive in terms of the benefits that we offer, as you don’t pay a penny until our candidate starts.

Retained Recruitment

This is our mid-level service. Great if you’re after more flexible (or better) benefits from our recruitment service. This does involve you paying a ‘retainer’ fee, either upfront or monthly.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

This is the most advanced recruitment service we offer. All hiring processes are outsourced to us. We’ll handle everything from growing your employer brand to onboarding.

What industries do we recruit for?




& Finance

Office &

more coming soon...

Why should businesses have a people-first recruitment approach?

We are bringing back people focussed recruitment. But why should businesses have a people-first recruitment approach?  Well, it’s about moving past the idea that employees are numbers or a cog in the business machine. Instead, we focus on ensuring that employees are respected within a business. As a result, there are so many benefits, including:

Support for Employers

Downloadable content and recent news articles for employers

As an agency, we can help you in more ways than just taking the stress of recruitment off your hands. We understand that you might not be in a position to partner with a consultancy service, due to budgets or an internal policy. With that in mind, we’ve created a library (which we’re always working on) to help you hire. So, what resources are in our library?

  • Blog and articles. Written by our team (a combination of marketers and recruiters)
  • Downloadable resources for you to take away and present to senior figures in the business
  • Updates from us on what is happening in your industry and our world.

Recruitment Trends In 2023

Current recruitment trends are not what any of us expected they would be. It’s been a strange couple of years. We’ve seen the world shut down, remote working soar and…


With Employal these candidates and employers found a recruitment service that put them first. Here’s how it went:

Jen took the time to really understand our business. She made the 4 hours round trip to meet with us, advising this was important when bringing the role / business to life for potential candidates. I was extremely impressed with the shortlist presented to me. Truthfully, I tend to dread recruitment. But Jen made it simple, booking candidates in for ease so all I did was show up on the day. I highly recommend Jen as a recruitment partner to any business.


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