Commercial Recruitment Expertise

People first recruitment, how it used to be.

Commercial recruitment is our bread and butter.

But, it is a large sector. So, what does commercial recruitment mean? At a basic level, it’s the hiring of professionals within any commercial or office setting. You’ll find that this will mean a recruiter will simply delve into their magic hat and pull out whatever candidate slightly matches the spec, and then just keep sending what they find. 

We know that the best recruitment doesn’t happen by magic. There is no top hat to pull candidates from. No pink unicorn to match every requirement. Or illusion to cast to gloss over the challenges of hiring. Commercial recruitment takes time, energy and patience to be successful. It doesn’t finish once the cv is through the door, or the interview is held. It’s an ongoing partnership between organisations to continually promote growth and support. 

Office Recruitment

At the centre point of company culture, customer interaction and business operation. No company can run without a great office team. Our team are on hand to help recruit for your more traditional office roles, like your administrators, office managers and receptionists. Supporting permanent full-time, part-time and fixed-term-contract positions.

However, when recruiting for these roles, finding candidates that align with the company culture and values is integral to success. But, how can we recruit for a culture fit? Well, you can put the tarot cards away as they won’t help. The first step is to come and see your office and experiences your workplace culture for ourselves. We’ll make notes and observations on the team dynamics, their unique and shared values and even personality. With this, we’ll work questions into our vetting procedures that will assess a potential new hire's alignment with your existing team.



With Employal these candidates and employers found a recruitment service that put them first. Here’s how it went:

Jen took the time to really understand our business. She made the 4 hours round trip to meet with us, advising this was important when bringing the role / business to life for potential candidates. I was extremely impressed with the shortlist presented to me. Truthfully, I tend to dread recruitment. But Jen made it simple, booking candidates in for ease so all I did was show up on the day. I highly recommend Jen as a recruitment partner to any business.


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