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We’re not your traditional commercial recruitment agency. We’re a consultancy agency. We don’t firefight our roles, which simply continues the cycle of job on > fling candidates > vanish once there’s a fee > reappear when you’re hiring again. We become your partner. Working to understand your business on a personal level and then stand with you to help achieve your long-term business goals. We do this, by helping our customers create a people-first recruitment approach.

Figuring out which recruitment service to pick is tough. You’ve got to shift through all the features and benefits, then figure out what matches your requirements. Then you’ve got to assess which is the best commercial recruitment agency to meet those needs. Which is it’s own challenge with how many recruitment agencies are out there.  So, to make this a little easier, we’ve put together an analysis of each recruitment service available. Then we have a quiz that will quickly show you which service will best match what you’re after!

What recruitment service is right for me?


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We've put together this quiz to help you figure out which recruitment service best matches your needs as a business. Click next to discover more!

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1 - Contingent Recruitment

This is your standard recruitment service that every agency will implement. It’s a project-by-project style of service that works for all industries and seniority. An easy way to think of contingent recruitment is it’s like a non-committal relationship. Either party can walk away and there’s limited risk for doing so.

So, what are the advantages of contingency recruitment? The main one is that you won’t pay a penny until you hire the candidate. The fees associated with this recruitment service are a percentage of the candidate's basic salary, ranging between 15%-30% (depending on the difficulty of the role). Additionally, hiring managers are very much in the driving seat for this type of service.


If you are going to work with an agency on a contingent contract, it is really in your benefit to only work with a few - the less the better really. That way, you’ll ensure you get the best talent and have greater control over how your brand is portrayed.

2 - Retained Recruitment

If contingency as a non-committal relationship. Retained recruitment is the opposite. It’s a service that is focused on showing a commitment to hiring, typically in the form of paying an initial fee upfront- which is known as a retainer.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this service? The main advantage is that you guarantee commitment by partnering with one agency. However, this does come at the price of paying an initial fee. 

Whilst retained recruitment still holds significant benefits over contingency recruitment, especially in a candidate-driven market, where the demand for the best talent is high. With contingency recruitment, you might find the best talent. If you use retained recruitment the best talent is guaranteed.

You might think that retained recruitment will cost more. But, in our case, it doesn’t. The fee will still be a percentage of the candidates basic salary. You’ll just pay part of this upfront and the rest when the candidate starts. If you’re looking to hire a number of candidates during a period of time, we can also split the overall cost of recruitment over the duration- making it more manageable on your finances.

3 - Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

When working with a recruitment agency, you might think that you’re already outsourcing processes. So why would you have an entire service called recruitment process outsourcing? Well, both contingent and retained service still require some work on the employer's side. Be that administrative, assessment and strategy. With an RPO model, everything is outsourced to the agency so they become more like an in-house recruiter.

We've put together some benefits in the dropdown.

One of the disadvantages of an RPO model is that employers typically have limited involvement in the process. To combat this, we’ve implemented a full outsourcing and a co-sourced model. So our services are truly adaptive to your requirements.

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