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Putting people first in recruitment - how it used to be.

We often say that if we could wave a magic wand and deliver you a dream role or candidate what would you ask for?

As much as we’d like this dream to magically appear in front of you. The reality is that it doesn’t. Commercial recruitment takes a lot of work and it only works when you first focus on the people- a concept that has seemingly been lost in modern recruitment.

But, we’re here to make recruitment feel as though it’s happened by magic. By leveraging good practical expertise and focusing on the people involved. Read more regarding what we’re about below.




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With Employal these candidates and employers found a recruitment service that put them first. Here’s how it went:

Jen took the time to really understand our business. She made the 4 hours round trip to meet with us, advising this was important when bringing the role / business to life for potential candidates. I was extremely impressed with the shortlist presented to me. Truthfully, I tend to dread recruitment. But Jen made it simple, booking candidates in for ease so all I did was show up on the day. I highly recommend Jen as a recruitment partner to any business.


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