Putting the People Back into Recruitment

So, our little agency has officially been unveiled to the world! So, we can start demystifying the art of recruitment and focus on putting people back in the centre – how it should be. 

We’ve spoken a lot about people-first recruitment on our website, as this is something that is so important to modern-day recruitment. So, what have we done to put people first? 

1) We’ve created ways for you to figure out all your options. Not just the ones the recruiter wants you to pick 

As you explore your career and business, you’ll notice that you’ll change paths on so many occasions. Some good, some bad. However, there’s nothing worse than being shoehorned into a route that was never meant for you. We had a think about why this happens, and what we can do to combat it. Off the back of our thoughts, we’ve created ways for you to learn about the route available to you, how they link to your needs and what the paths available to you. How, with quizzes! 

Before you scoff at this idea, quizzes get you to think about what you actually like or dislike and what you actually need. Once you know this, you can begin exploring career options that align with your values. We will create more quizzes, surveys, and more to guide you through your career. We’re not here to be a fairy job-mother that’ll disappear at midnight. But your life-long partner that’ll see you through the highs and lows of your career. 

2) Hiring the people with the right mindset 

A recruitment agency is only as good as the consultants behind it. Whilst the Employal vision is to put people first, this can only be achieved with the help of our team. So, we’re hiring people that match our mindset. 

Recruiters that want to work with people for the duration of their career, not just as a number on the board. Consultants that counsel businesses to make better hiring decisions that keep people in their team. Not continue the hire > rehire cycle. Recruiters that want to be the best and deliver a service of excellence.  

We’ve got some exciting hiring plans for 2023 and cannot wait for them to come to fruition! 

Additionally, our recruitment consultants will focus on one sector of commercial recruitment. As we want them to be fully invested in their markets so that they can give expert advice, and not just sales bluffs. 

3) Sharing our knowledge without any catches 

Most agencies will share advice that helps you when recruiting or job searching. However, a lot of them will keep the best tips to themselves. Forcing you to use them to gain a competitive edge. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t use us to help you save time, money and resources. But we’re determined not to be like other recruitment agencies.  

So have created a stage for us to share all our knowledge. Whilst this is still in the initial stages of development, our Library won’t just be blogs. Our resources will grow as we do, as part of this, we’ll create: 

  • Templates for you to use to make things like CV Writing and Interview Preparation quicker. 
  • Whitepapers and infographics to share the latest insights. 
  • Videos to help you digest learning easier (we know that not everyone likes reading!) 

Help us help you! If you have a question that you can’t seem to find a straight answer to, or maybe you just want advice without being sold. Let us know what it is and our team will create resources to help! 

What is next for me? 

Now that we’re in the limelight, you can check out what commercial jobs we currently have available. Again, the variety of work that we have will grow as we do. If you’re in the middle of hiring and aren’t seeing the calibre of applicants that you want, reach out to our team today for a fresh perspective on how you can recruit.