Graphic Designer
£27,000 - £30,000


Graphic Designer

£27,000 – £30,000


Jessica has been working as a Graphic Designer at a high-street retailer for three years but unfortunately, they are looking to make redundancies and have advised the team to start searching for jobs. She has extensive experience across digital and print graphic design and considers her skillset to be incredibly diverse. In addition to her creativity, she is highly organised and can work at pace without compromising the quality of her work.


Jessica can competently use all Adobe Creative Suite software in addition to an extensive library of other graphic design software for 3D animation, motion graphics, and videography.


This candidate has experience working both as a one-man band but also with Design teams of larger sizes. She is incredibly eloquent in her communication which allows her to comfortably liaise with clients and also work cross-functionally with internal teams.

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