Marketing Recruiter Joins Our Team

Our team has doubled! From 1 to 2 😅 It might not seem like a lot, but at this early stage in our journey, it’s huge. Afterall, we are only 4 weeks old.  

So, who is our latest member of Employal? It’s Roni Newman, another passionate Leicester Recruitment Consultant who wants to support marketing professionals and businesses find the right match for them.  

A little bit about our Marketing Match-Maker

Marketing Match-Maker, what’s that? Well, it’s the term that Roni associates with her role as a marketing recruitment consultant. The term consultant can make you feel distant to the people in the process. But, as a Match-Maker, you’re putting the people back into the process to make sure they are making the right match for them. We love this thought process; it really encapsulates our idea of putting people first in recruitment.  

Roni has been in recruitment for almost a year, but don’t underestimate her! She’s found her niche and is smashing the marketing recruitment sector. In this time, Roni has helped numerous marketing professionals, from Assistants to Directors, generalist and specialist, find their dream role. 

So, what will Roni do as our Marketing Specialist? 

Roni will continue to build her network of marketers and develop long-term relationships. Once Roni’s skills have had more guidance from Jen, we’re planning on branching out into London and other locations nationally. For the first few weeks and months, the focus will be on learning from Jen and utilising her industry knowledge to improve her own. With the hope of in the future, progressing in her career at Employal. Flourishing as a Marketing Recruiter. She’ll cover roles in: 

  • SEO, 
  • Social Media, 
  • Generalist Marketing, 
  • Website and IT, 
  • Automation Specialists, 
  • PR & Advertising, and more.  

Some stand out moments from Roni’s career include: 

Using her CV scouting skills to find the perfect candidate for a marketing role in the automotive industry she was recruiting for. Roni used an automated CV scanning tool, to search for the term ‘F1’, with the hopes of someone popping up with it in their interests. This was a challenge, but she was determined to find a marketing professional with an interest in F1.  

Her efforts paid off and Roni came across a marketing professional with the right skills and experience for the role she was working on. This marketing professional wasn’t actively looking for work, but when they heard about the opportunity and how suited to them it was, they couldn’t say no.  

They had listed F1 in the interests & hobbies section of their CV. If they hadn’t done this, they wouldn’t have been found (So, here’s a tip for your CV – always put your interests and hobbies, you never know what might come up). 

In Roni’s last position, she hosted a podcast which aimed to dispel the stereotypes of recruiters. She wanted to do this to try something new and encourage more people into the industry.  

Roni tackled some controversial topics and interviewed other recruiters making moves in the world. It’s something she really enjoyed and we’re hoping she’ll bring some Employal focused discussions to our platforms soon – stay tuned! 

What attracted Roni to Employal? 

Roni told us: 

Aside from the fact that pink is my favourite colour…Employal stood out to me as a brand that celebrates the ‘soft’ side of recruitment. They’re confident and professional business women, who recruit with a moral compass and everyone’s best interests at heart. Instead of being traditional salespeople who, in Jen’s words, “sell their Grannies to get a deal over the line”.  

Another thing that attracted Roni to Employal is that Jen, our director, has a lot of industry experience and connections. The fact that she has worked her way up to Commercial Director, from an entry-level position, and is now launching her own business, really inspires Roni. She wants to learn from her and follow in her footsteps by working her way up internally, at Employal.  

What’s next for our marketing recruitment consultant? 

Roni is going to keep helping great marketers find their next opportunity. She’ll be working from Assistant to Director level across the UK. If you’re a marketer looking for your next opportunity or are a business looking to grow its marketing function, reach out to Roni today!