Our Team Doubles Again! 

And just like that, we became a family of four. Two weeks after our lovely Marketing Recruiter Roni joined us, we are welcoming Summa Schrickker and Michaela Cooke. Both will be joining us as Senior Recruitment Consultants. 

Who Are Our Two New Commercial Recruiters? 

We’d like to start with Summa for this one. After working in the service industry, she entered the recruitment limelight over 5 years ago. In her previous recruitment role, she focused on permanent recruitment for commercial businesses across the U.K.  

She is very much the problem solver of recruitment. Working on those pesky roles that just want to remain unfilled, roles that have been active for a while or require exact, niche experience. Summa’s ability to build relationships with clients means she acts as a recruitment partner, as opposed to an agency. She’ll be working on roles within these industries: 

  • Finance 
  • Sales 
  • IT 
  • HR and more 

Like Summa, Michaela has worked as a commercial recruiter for over 7 years. Before this, she worked in agencies that specialised in recruiting in engineering settings. As a result, she’s built up a wealth of experience that enables her to work effectively in multiple sectors. Supply chain logistics is her thing, but she’ll also be working on roles in: 

  • IT and Development 
  • HR and Recruiting 
  • Finance and more 

What makes these Recruiters Senior?

Both ladies have worked in recruitment for a number of years and have picked up a lot of things along the way. But what makes our 2 new recruiters senior? Their sheer passion and experience as recruiters has given them a wealth of knowledge and more of an expertise. They don’t just ‘recruit’, they act as a recruitment partner. Assessing clients’ unique needs and putting a plan into action to find that rainbow in stormy conditions.

Summa’s Stand-out Moments

Summa is a proven expert in filling those tricky roles and leading the way in challenging what’s expected. Her standout moments are:

  • When she became a top performer in her company within her first 12 months of recruitment
  • How she felt when 2 years of relationship building with a client had finally paid off!

The client was a very well-known national brand. She was able to win sole supply of around 60 FTE per month. Having already built those relationship foundations, she had proven that she was suitable to take on the job and more than capable of success. 

Summa’s success in recruitment comes from having first-hand experience in corporate, commercial environments. This has helped her to understand the intricacies of each role and culture in organisations. And contributed to her success so far and proven track record of filling senior and executive roles. 

Michaela’s Stand-out Moments

For Michaela, the past 3 years have been the most challenging yet rewarding of her career to date. Her career highlights include when she:

  • Helped grow a clients’ workforce to over 600 and increased the contract to around £100K per month
  • Became Account Manager for a huge client and successfully recruited between 50-60 permanent hires per month and decreased attrition levels.  

Michaela took on this role after a previous recruiter had worked on it for 6 months and not filled any roles. Starting from an already pressured situation is more of a challenge for a recruiter. But these are the situations in which Michaela thrives. She also played a part in transitioning the contract to an RPO, where they had more control over the recruitment process.

Why did they choose Employal? 

Both Summa and Michaela decided to make the move to Employal after a change in their priorities. In the past few years, both women have become Mothers. They were facing the challenge of trying to find a suitable role, where the employer understood the challenges of being a parent and would allow for flexibility.

Summa took some time after leaving her previous position and even considered leaving the industry altogether. After a lot of thought, she knew that Employal would give her both and much more.

Employal’s values align very closely with Summa’s. Integrity is huge for her, in both her personal and professional life. She wants to feel trusted to do what she does best. Not just being treated as “Employee A” in an organisation. Which is unfortunately something Summa hears too often from candidates searching for a new role.  

And as for Michaela, whilst on maternity leave, she thought long and hard about her current position. After contemplating, she decided to reconsider as a management change altered the working environment and the company didn’t align as well with her needs anymore.

In Michaela’s words, 

“Employal is stripped back to the core of what recruitment should be, there are no unnecessary tick box exercises I have to do. This allows me to completely focus on finding the right candidates for the businesses I partner with.” 

What’s next for Summa? 

Employal is giving her a place to build that vertical. Pushing outside her recruitment comfort zone, recruiting in new areas. With knowledge of how far she has come in her career to get where she is today.

Summa is really excited to be recruiting on a national level and not being restricted by region. She’s eager to speak to clients and candidates who aren’t just based in Leicestershire. Looking forward to the new opportunities this will bring, as well as the variance in job types.

It’s the feeling of constant learning that Summa loves. In her new role, she will be getting to showcase her great abilities whilst continuing to further them even more.

What’s next for Michaela? 

For Michaela, her future at Employal is looking great. She’s focussing on everything Supply Chain. Joining Employal has allowed her to really think about what she truly loves about recruitment. This has led to Michaela’s focus on Supply Chain. Recruiting for roles from Logistics Administration to Warehouse Team Leaders and Buying/Head of Supply Chain.  

The Start of New Beginnings

We can’t contain our excitement at Employal growing again – already! The next few weeks and months are going to be amazing for us. Not only are we growing, we are now recruiting across more industries and are ready to help even more jobseekers to find their dream role.  

Get in touch with us today if you’re looking for a new role. We’ll be your fairy job-mother and find you a new position that works for you.  

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